Colour options

I have been thinking of the options I have to apply the colour black to the outer collar of my pieces. Because of time constraints, my first experiment will have to skip the bisque firing and go straight up to 1260-1280°c this means I will have to decorate the porcelain while it’s still raw. I will have to create a coloured slip or under-glaze for this first experiment, these are the recipes I found which I will experiment with in my first firing.

Under glaze 1

Ferro frit 3124/3110 o’r High alk-frit – 33.3%
China Clay – 33.3%
Commercial Stain – 33.3%

Under glaze 2

Dry porcelain – 100g
Feldspar – 35g
Comercial Stain – 10%

Satin black glaze (for later firings) 1200-1260°

Neph syenite – 15g
Barium carb – 10g
Talc – 15g
Frenington clay – 60g
Chronium Oxide – 1g
Cobalt Oxide – 2g
Maganese Oxide – 2g

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