Zen G – Final Solution and set up

After a lot of research into conductive technology, I came across this brand, Bare Conductive.

“Printed electronics technology that transforms the way we look at our environment” – Bare conductive

They’re most known for their conductive paint and easy-to-use development kits. I Decided to purchase their light up board which has various settings and can be kept flat, alongside this I purchased a LiPo battery to make the piece portable.

After gathering all the equipment I came to more problems. The light would not switch off unless the piece was touched twice (One touch on, one touch off) I wanted a piece which would only light up when it was being touched. Also, I read the health and safety reviews of LiPo batteries and I wasn’t confident in inserting them into the piece, they go very hot and as ZenG is very small, I was scared it would take effect of the board.

Going back to the drawing board I looked again at the possibilities of the light up board, I came across a video from their youtube.

Using this technique with wires, I added gold leaf to the top of ZenG just as it was initially designed. Splitting the gold leaf into two sections I was able to wire them individually.

I designed a base to fit all this equipment nicely to the bottom of the piece.

I had originally planned or the piece to be able to lift up from the plinth, and they would work in sync. The plinth would light up while the piece was sitting on top, then it would turn off while ZenG was being picked up it would light up. Because I haven’t been able to make this portable, for the final exhibition, the piece will sit on a regular plinth while others can touch the piece to activate the light.

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