Sere – Challenges with expanding with scale

Sere is the same form as Mira but more than double the size. Since my bowl project, I wanted to experiment with scale. I created the form again using the CNC machine, I created the form as big as the CNC bed could. It was a challenge to create the mould and to use the mould. I used the same process to create the mould as I did for ‘Mira’ and ‘Cornel’, a three-part mould. When casting the mould would often slip due to the weight of the slip on the inside. I went through a number of solutions for this problem, I tried to secure with blocks of wood and clamps. The only solution that worked was wrapping the mould in duck tape and casting over a big bucket to save any spillages.

Photo 21-03-2019, 10 20 41 am

Cracking problems while casting

I am happy with the result of this form, it was challenging and time-consuming. One piece would take a week to produce as it would warm in the mould without proper support, it would also need to dry enough to slip out of the mould without needing me to open because of the duck tape.

I followed the same processes to glaze, gold leaf and hang as i did with Mira.


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