Cornel – firing

I tried to get the forms as thin as possible, I watered the porcelain down 1/5 and waited 8-10 minutes for it to set in the mould. I broke many of the forms trying to get them out of the mould as they were so thin. I did manage to successfully to get four whole pieces out, the chances of getting the whole one out were around 1/4, this made the piece very time consuming to make.


While firing porcelain to 1280 for the first time, I placed the piece horizontally in the kiln. The porcelain slumped a lot and I didn’t like the form at all as it was very time consuming to make and it wasn’t the result I’d hoped. After getting feedback from others, they encouraged me to explore the piece further.

After adding LED lights into the piece, I really liked the forms. The LED lights create amazing shadows out the pieces which adds an extra element to my work.

I experimented a lot with different orientations to present my work as well. Unfortunately while experimenting I did break one piece. I also had to change the positioning of the LED strip as it was visible when the form was lit. 


They photograph really well for my catalogue, this was one of the main pictures I used for my exhibition.

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