Olo – Second firing result and photographing

After the second firing at 1260 the results were much better, the glaze was matt. the only issue I came across was that the top where the light would come through was very messy. After the firing, I hoped I could sand away the edges to have a cleaner finish but I couldn’t. I will still photograph my work but I’m not confident in displaying them in the show.  I was very happy with the orange/red colour I achieved.

Photo 02-05-2019, 5 01 13 pm.jpg

With this in mind, I didn’t want the form to go to waste so I decided as I have plenty of bisque forms which were cast to be very bright ready to glaze, I would leave them bare and see what the results would be after firing.

Photo 02-05-2019, 5 01 07 pm.jpg

I much prefer these lights without the black glaze,  they throw a lot of light into the room. The only issue I see is that the base doesn’t match the delicacy of the porcelain as it’s big, chunky and black. If I was to develop these further, I would design a different base and be more aware of the seam line which is apparent.

black circles

I like this image but my flower arranging skills are awful. I do like how the form looks, it’s what I initially thought at the start of the project, I’ve been able to photoshop the faults in the porcelain, I could still add them to my book.


Above this photo shows quite well the difference the hues porcelain can give. The dark orange isn’t very bright but it works well for its purpose of a calming product in a dark room.

porcelain round

These pictures look much better, it’s much brighter and photographs well.

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