Mira – Glaze and gold leaf

I decided to use the matt black glaze I developed for the outside of this form, the glaze application was very difficult. the glaze chips easily and fingerprints are left instantly. a couple of time I would have to take the pieces back out of the kiln and re-glaze because of the finish. Because of these multiple layers, I would go through a lot of glaze as well especially when I was applying using the spray gun.

Photo 11-04-2019, 4 41 15 pm

Results from the first firing were very patchy, I decided to reglaze and re-fire the pieces to get even coverage.

To brighten and warm the light on the inside, I decided to plate in gold leaf. My first attempt of applying was poor, I applied the ‘size’ (glue to apply) too thick and the gold would clump up, I also didn’t leave enough time for the glue to dry. The best application I achieved was through thinning down the glue, to test if the glue was ready I was able to stroke my finger across the piece until a rubbery sound was made. The application was much easier after this. To finalise the piece, I would buff the piece up with cotton wool.

Much smoother application in the second piece

To attatch these pieces to the wall, I added keyholes. This worked well but was very time-consuming. I would wait until the pieces were bisque fired before I created the keyholes as I was afraid the delicate pieces would break when green.


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