Creating a logo and developing my website

I wanted my logo to be minimal and made up of letters of my name, as Ll is unique letter in the welsh alphabet I thought it would be a good start to the design process. I really struggled with this design as I wasn’t used to illustrator, I found it very hard to create basic adjustments to the letters.


These were the four logos I came up with

Photo 18-04-2019, 3 05 05 pmPhoto 18-04-2019, 3 17 48 pmPhoto 18-04-2019, 3 17 54 pmPhoto 18-04-2019, 3 04 57 pm

The last design is the one i’m happiest with, there is an element of the Ll and D from my surname whiohc can be seen. I also think you can see an element of my quarter lights in there as well in the corner.

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