Applying for Jobs

When I graduate, ideally I would like to go straight into a job as I feel I’m ready to use my skills to help others.

I’ve applied for two jobs, one in a ceramic studio in Penarth where I received an interview but wasn’t successful. I’m usually quite nervous during interviews but I felt confident at this one as I was in my element in the ceramics studio. Although I wasn’t successful I did receive lovely feedback from the owner.

Dear Llio

Many thanks for taking time to come in and interview for the position of Studio Assistant at Dotty Pots.

As you know, I had an unprecedented number of applicants and it was very difficult to make a decision as the quality of the applicants was very high, yourself included.  However, I have ended up moving forward with another candidate, but thank you for meeting with me and giving me the opportunity to learn about your skills and accomplishments which were extremely impressive.

We may be advertising more positions in the coming months.  I hope you will keep us in mind and I would encourage you to apply again.

I wish you good luck with your job search and professional future endeavours.

Best regards

The second job I applied for was with Wild Creatives, I adapted my CV to suit this role.


Llio Davies CV – Project Assistant


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