Designing a base to mount ceramics

For my show, I would like one piece of ceramics which could be safely sold as a lighting product. I’ve been researching a lot into various light sockets to see how I can attach them to the ceramics. After a discussion with various TD’s discussing options such as welding a metal base or turning a wood or metal base on the lathe, I still wasn’t confident I would get the finish I wanted. Ideally, I would like it to be made out of brass to follow the aesthetic of the other pieces, but this limits my methods of making. I have decided because of time constraints, I should use the skills I already know instead of using valuable time learning a new skill which wouldn’t have the quality finish I would be happy with. I’ve decided to 3D print a base and then attach a brass strap around to make it look aesthetically pleasing.


The base will be made out of two sections, the top section will screw directly on to the ceramic, while the bottom section will hold the light bulb and hide all the wires. these two sections will then be held together with a magnet so the user can easily change the build if the need to.

close up magnets

Magnet close up

bulb base close up

Bulb base close upscrew close up

Screws which will attach to the ceramic close up


When my ceramics pieces have fired I will measure them again and will rescale this model ready to 3D print.

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