Olo – Turning on the lathe and firing

I find turning on the lathe quite therapeutic, this was a simple form to turn and it was a simple mould to create. As the glaze will be around the edges, I wasn’t worried about the seam line.

Photo 26-03-2019, 2 33 48 pm

This was a great time for me to start creating videos of my work for my website as well.

Because I wanted the different hues from the porcelain, while slip casting I varied the time I would keep them in the mould. As the porcelain was already thinned with 20% water, my set time would vary from 10min to 20min. I did come across problems the more I used the mould, the latches broke therefor was hard to get the piece centred and they would cast unevenly. This resulted in a lot of time spent sanding.

Photo 05-04-2019, 11 01 56 am

The glaze recipe I used was

33% Ferro Frit 2134
33% China Clay
33% Black Stain

Photo 11-04-2019, 3 21 04 pm

I found this glaze very difficult to apply with porcelain because it dries quickly. After the first firing to 1280 I wasn’t happy with the result, they came out very shiny, I think the temperature was too high as my previous test glazes were fired to 1260.

Photo 11-04-2019, 11 30 28 am.jpg

I was happy with the translucency of the piece, I left this in the mould for 10 minutes to get the lightest hue. The bulb was a little bit too long, I will need to purchase shorter ones to have an even distribution of light on the inside


When I tried to reglaze it took a while to try and it was harder to clean the glaze on top of the porcelain where I wanted the light to show through.




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