Cornel – Slip casting

I decided to expand my technological skills and CNC a form. This did limit my design as the bed could only cut to a height of 7cm. To make the former watertight I used high-density modelling foam. As a precaution before casting, I sealed the form with multiple layers of wax.7.jpg

This design was formed through cutting and slicing my previous bowl project, I had to keep the form simple as well as it’ll be cast in porcelain.

I created a three-piece mould including the spare for this piece. After using the mould towards the end of the project I did come across some problems, the mould slipped quite often which caused leaks while casting and the spare broke as it became brittle. If I was to recreate the mould, I would use stronger plaster as the mould is used daily. This mould was manageable to use, it wasn’t too heavy and I was able to cast my self.

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