Clwstwr – Turning and casting

Through this form, I wanted to experiment with Porcelain and see what effects it would create though adding light. My first idea was to combine stain to the slip.

I added 7% coral slip, 12% coral slip and 12% blue slip.

Photo 04-04-2019, 10 55 42 am

Left 7% coral slip     Right 12% coral slip

Adding stain has decreased the amount of light that travels through dramatically, I won’t be using stain for my final forms.

Speckle glazes are now very popular as well, to stick with trends I decided to experiment with adding enamel to the slip. For my first test pieces, I used porcelain clay and marbled the enamel inside, after the firings, I realised the colour seeps a little into the clay.

I think using enamel has worked well in this form, I will experiment further to see how the composition of the lighting can change with this added element.

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