Clwstwr – Research into form

After research a lot of mental health products and seeing a lot in London I wanted to create a form which would match what’s currently on the market.

Dodow Relaxation and Sleep Aid Light in John Lewis.

Buy Dodow Relaxation and Sleep Aid Light Online at

Using a projected light that works similarly to a metronome, Dowdow’s relaxation and sleep aid light might help you drift off a little more easier.

Just breathe in time with the light pulses try to reach a calmer state.

Set the gadget’s light to pulse for either 8 or 20 minutes (Dowdow claims this should be enough for you to drop off) and the device will then turn itself off.

Buy Philips Hue LivingColors Iris Colour Changing LED Mood Light, Clear Online at

Philips Hue LivingColors Iris Colour Changing LED Mood Light, Clear

Iris works as more than just a colourful lamp. It can be tailored to your life, with alarms, timers and alerts, so you can set Hue to wake you up with a soft sunrise glow, or to turn all of your Hue lights off at bedtime. Hue lights can flash at you to let you know when your food is ready to come out of the oven, or to let you know when your favourite TV show is starting.

Philips HF3651/01 Sleep & Wake Up LightPhilips HF3651/01 Sleep & Wake Up Light

The Sleep and Wake-Up Light is designed to help you relax and wake up refreshed. With light-guided breathing and personalised sun settings. From the sleep experts and makers of the leading global Wake-Up Light sold.

After this research, I started designing forms in CAD Rhino, the last design is my favourite as it’s symmetrical which will allow me to turn it on the lathe, and it’s small enough to hold.

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