Initial thought and design

I wanted to experiment with porcelains translucency. After researching into smart lighting, the various hues they use for sleep range from white to deep orange to represent the sunset. Recently the popularity of Salt lamps has increased because of their apparent nature to reduce pollutants in the air from their strong salt content. There has been a  lot of controversy with these lamps with articles like this claiming there is no real benefit. What I found interesting was the soft red glow they release, a lot of the research I came across claimed that red is the best color to help people fall asleep.

With this in mind, I wanted to try and vary the thickness of porcelain to get deep orange hues and bright white to create a light suitable for sleep,

Initial thojught

This is what I imagined the viewer would see when they looked at the piece. After developing the dark matt glaze, I want to use this as a ring to intensify the color so it wouldn’t get lost in the background it gets placed on.



These were the designs I visualized using rhino, as I want to turn these on the lathe they needed to be round. Looking at other products to help with sleep on the market, the majority of them are also round, this might be because it’s comforting to hold and visually pleasing.

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