Zen G – Adding technology

I’m not very confident using electronics as I have not had previous experience. I found it quite difficult to research the topic as I don’t know the correct terminology for various methods and equipment. This set me back a lot in my project as I wasn’t comfortable progressing with it. I was suggested to purchase a cheap item for me to study electronics and visuality possibilities for my piece.

I decided to purchase the Glo ball which is a ball you hold which will switch colour when touching the piece. After dismantling the piece, I found a Pin which was visible to the outside of the ball, this is what activated and kept the light on. It was attached to a board with a tinny LED light on the top and a little LiPo battery which can be recharged.

I tried to insert this piece into ZenG, I designed a base where the piece could easily sit up, this would allow users to charge the piece as well.

zen base

Photo 21-03-2019, 4 49 26 pm.jpgAlthough this base fit perfectly, I realised there is no space for it inside the piece. After the firing, the porcelain has shrunk around 15%.  Quickly thinking of other options, I need to look for a light which is flat and round to evenly distribute the light inside.

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