I have been thinking of a way I can make my lighting imitate the sun set and sun rise, there are various smart bulbs that already do this, but they’re quite big.  I’ve been researching to see if I can create my own programme and use it on a smaller bulb. I’ve been to one previous class based on Arduino and I think it could be quite easy to create the light dim and brighten to imitate the sun set using various colours ect, but I think it will be more challenging to try programme the Arduino to vary the light to the sunset/sunrise of a specific location.

I want one set of light to have a smart light that people can replace themselves and connect to their Alexa, this will be more of a commercial product. Where as I would like another piece to be able to imitate sunset/sun rising based on various locations, it would be great to create and app where you insert your location details and it would programme the light.


This won’t be a commercial product, but more of a lighting piece.

These are interesting websites I found

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