The Smart Home and Technology for wellness

Amazon, Google, and Apple are currently battling to be the leader of smart home space, the winner will shape how consumers adapt to the era.

Amazon is reshaping homes before they’re even built. In September 2018 they announced their collaboration with Plant Prefab in California which focuses on sustainable construction, materials, and operations. Their relationship suggests new collaborations with tech and building companies this year. Amazon currently has an existing partnership with Lennar, so Alexa will now come pre-installed in all Lennar homes.


Leeo Ping is a sensor-enabled safety net.


Green says everyone is ok, yellow or red if not. If someone is not green you’re able to alert friends, family or professional caregivers. The app also lets you share presence, activity, health, environment or frequent places.

leeno product



Aladin® illuminates progressively, reduces glares, and makes moving safer.
Aladin® is capable of analyzing sleep patterns and detects signs of fatigue which may indicate illness. A professional caregiver is adverted to help the elderly to preserve their independence. When falls are detected by Aladin®, professional are alerted on a smart badge for fast intervention.



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