Tutorial, IKEA and Smart lights.

During my tutorial, it was raised that I should focus on designing lighting which could be fitted with commercial lighting. With this goal, I decided to do primary research in IKEA into lighting and how they were being displayed and fitted, this hopefully will give me a better idea of which fitting I should choose to design for.

General light research



The three main technologies for light bulbs are Halogen, Energy Saving (CFL) and LED. They all have different lifespans and energy saving abilities.


  • 30% energy saving
  • 2 year lifespan
  • Instant, crisp, bright light


Energy saver (CFL)

  • 80% energy saving
  • 10 year lifespan
  • Warm, soft, diffused light



  • 90% energy saving
  • 25 year lifespan
  • Instant, crisp, bright light


These are the lights I saw in IKEA


IKEA HÅRTE LED work lamp


I found this light interesting as it had a Built-in LED light source. There isn’t a way to replace the light but the lamp is so inexpensive that it probably isn’t something that most worry too much about, LED lifetime approx, 25.000 hours. It’s easy to use in different places as you can power the lamp through the USB port on your computer or an ordinary power socket. You can also easily direct the light up or down because the lamp head is adjustable.

GU10 Spotlight cap

IKEA NYMÅNE wall up/downlighter, wired-in Light directed both upwards and downwards.


Uplighter and downlighter

IKEA STOCKHOLM 2017 table lamp Integrated dimmer, to give general light or mood light.


  • Integrated dimmer, to give general light or mood light.
  • Provides a soft and dimmed light since the lampshade has frosted glass on both the top and bottom side.

I’m very interested in this GX53 fitting as it’s quite flat, could be useful for table lighting or wall lighting.

GX53 Halogen Capsules

For my current design, I would need a very small bulb which could be hidden inside, I think Halogen capsules would be the strongest but smallest lights I could fit inside my forms, I wouldn’t want to use halogen capsules for all my lighting as they aren’t smart lights. I could use LED lighting and programme them with Arduino but that wouldn’t be useful for commercial products.


Smart lights 

I want my work to be able to have an element of smart lighting integrated, the only issue I currently have is finding a light small enough to fit into my pieces. I was surprised to see a section in IKEA dedicated to smart lighting, after looking further in their website I saw they had a specific section dedicated to ‘sleeping better’. This shows how readily available they are and how the interest in smart lighting has grown over the past couple of years. There was a smart light kit available in IKEA but it was a little pricy £35, I decided to look at Amazon first to see what other cheaper alternatives were available.

I bought this bulb, which is a Alexa WiFi Smart light Led bulb E27 by Lumiman, Multicoloured RGB Dimmable Tunable 7.5w, compatible with Alexa and Google assistant, 60w equivalent and controlled by iOS app. When is arrived I realized it was much bigger than I expected and I didn’t have any fittings for it so I’ve returned it and bought an E14 instead, I currently can’t find smart light smaller than this.

E14 WiFi Smart Light, Dimmable Color Changing WIFI Smart Bulb, 60W Equivalent Smart Led Light Bulb, Remote and Voice Controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Home. I found this review on youtube very helpful to decide which light to choose, this was the cheapest option I could find to experiment and test out at home.

This week I will experiment with the various settings and try to integrate it into my designs.

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