N-scape and keyshot

To help visualize my work further I decided to research into how I can download readily made environments, I’ve experimented with this before but I didn’t have much luck. I was recommended Sketch up, but I didn’t have much luck building my own environments, it was much too time-consuming. Instead, I found 3D warehouse which has hundreds of readily designed environments, in sketch up I was able to pick and choose elements until I was happy with the design then export it into KeyShot 8.

This process was quite tricky and still time-consuming as the software was struggling with so much data, but in the end, I managed to get this picture which I was quite pleased with. This design I adapted after my tutorial when we discussed a lighting piece which would imitate the sun setting or rising. There is an animation element in Keyshot as well which I tried experimenting with adapting the colored light, but I need to spend more time practicing this element.


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