ZenG – Creating a mould, problems and resolving

3D print has finished, it’s time to start slip casting the piece. In the design, I made sure there were no underhand where the torus middle is, but when holding the piece it feels there might be. Because of the texture the 3D printer leaves, I decided to cover the piece in filler and sand it back down so it’s easier to come out the mould.

I created a two-part mould which splits horizontally, after multiple attempts of using the air gun and submerging the mould in water, the piece did not come out.

I went back to Rhino and adapted the torus form again, I used the same process of making using filler to get rid o the lines and using the same technique of a two-part mould. Again I had the same problem, the mould would not open, after breaking the mould apart I realised I could construct it back together. Using clay to test out the middle of the torus to see if there’s an overhang, I couldn’t see any problem. with this in mind, I decided to progress with the broken mould and see which results I’d achieve.


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