Statement of intent

I am unsure of what my focus will be for the degree show, after I graduate I would like to work with other people on projects to share my skills of material knowledge, CAD and ceramics, this has made me consider maybe focusing on the design aspect of my work as it will be more beneficial for me in terms of employment but I am still very unsure. After the success of my Orangebox live brief, I have considered producing Zen G but it will be a huge challenge to complete it to a professional standard. I do have a clear focus on the context of my work, I would like it to include EDGE attributes, influence its environment to benefit our mental health and be made using my new skills and knowledge in porcelain.


Time management


  • Research into context, design, test, Arduino, CAD


  • Professional practice
  • Research
  • Material/scale experiments



  • Research and make
  • Photograph images for book


  • Make
  • Create book
  • Display/set up


  • Degree show
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