Evaluative statement

My artefact is a tactile lighting vessel which turns the unconscious gaze into conscious thought. My research started through visualising ideas in CAD, I further developed these thoughts through experimentation using plaster turning, slip casting, porcelain and glaze. I am very interested in how objects affect our mental health, through this project I have explored how aesthetic concepts can impact on our well-being and tried to incorporate this into my work. I spent the majority of my time experimenting with porcelain and trying to push its translucency. I came to the conclusion that the thickness of the porcelain isn’t the main focus for translucency, there is still a lot of research to be done into the quality of porcelain and firing process. I encountered many problems through the making process; mainly when creating moulds, which frustratingly effected the slip casting process. Although my time management is usually good, I didn’t take into consideration these setbacks which limited my time to experiment.

I am pleased with the design outcomes of this artefact, there is a clear progression from my bowl project in every aspect. My experimentation with different glazes has been successful; by decreasing the shine and adding texture, the glaze absorbs light which creates an illusionary effect resulting in the piece looking 2D. This aspect was mainly to make the piece eye catching, influencing people to stop and look at the piece. There is scope to build on and expand my research, previously many have concluded that craft is beneficial when it is being implemented, not necessarily when it is being viewed. I hope this work will be displayed in a gallery to highlight the effect objects can have on our mental health, ideally I would like it to be used commercially so that the benefits can be available to everyone.

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