Developing brand – Website, Business cards, E-mail and LinkedIn

In preparation for Dublin, I wanted to improve my brand and social media presence. I currently use the name Cartrefllio (Llio’s Home) but I think this limits my audience as it’s Welsh. Because I work mainly through ceramics, I decided to use the name ‘Llio Davies Ceramics’ I did consider ‘Llio Davies Artist Designer: Maker’ but the name was too long and I find most people don’t understand the terms Maker, I don’t view my self as being specifically an Artist or a Designer either, for now naming the material I predominantly use would be ok. I updated all my social media with this name and created an e-mail address specifically with this name. 

I used Wix to create the website, I still haven’t finished but I have linked all my social media and blog so people have one area they can access my work.

website 1website 2website 3

Business cards 

Having business cards at the event will help me network with others, I decided to design them around ZenG so they will remember my design. I used a clean and minimal look to match my design.




E-mail –

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