While browsing through Instagram, I found a video of someone using the whirler to create forms. After researching further I discovered Tobimatsu pottery who is Hiroaki Hayamatsu a ceramist living in Tokyo, all his information is in Japanese so it’s been difficult to depict his work. From his images, I can see that he starts creating his forms by using the whirler then create his mold for porcelain. ‘Focusing on the property of letting the light of the porcelain pass through, we are working on producing lampshade with magnetic clay whose transmittance is adjusted.’ I’m not sure if this has been translated accurately, but here they mention using a magnetic clay which can be adjusted to vary the transmittance. I haven’t been able to find much more research about this type of clay, but during my previous project, I was quite happy with the translucency I achieved.

Photo 13-11-2018, 11 03 44 am

It is interesting that he’s used the slip casting lines as part of the design for this upper piece, especially for a lighting piece, I don’t think I like this aesthetic, I prefer his other designs where there’s a lot more repetition in the design.

Photo 26-11-2018, 3 05 34 pmPhoto 26-11-2018, 3 05 42 pm

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