November – Looking through my formative feedback, I wish I would have written more for my tutor to look over but it has given me a general overview of my progress so far. I’m struggling a little to balance Subject and Constellation, I really enjoy my Subject project but I realise I need to prioritise more time for my dissertation as writing is my weakest skill. I’m struggling a little to be productive in the library, I need to find a different place to work.

This is my current plan for a structure.

Chapter 1 (2000 words) Looks at the history of working styles and defines co-working

What is a co-working environment?
History, how it came about
Progress from taylorism to co-working

Chapter 2 (2000 words) Looks at good working environments like Google and DreamWorks-benefits and disadvantages

Current businesses who use a flexible working environment:- Google and DreamWorks (teleworking)
The benefits and disadvantages

Chapter 3 (2000 words) How can working environments be developed further? Through using our senses – (ZenG?)

Look at all the theorist with senses.
Cathedral effect (how space can affect us)
How is it being developed?

Chapter 4 (2000 words) 

Is this achievable for all companies?
Analyse critically chapter 3 and how I see chapter 2 developing in the future (what will google future environment look like?) (ZenG?)

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