Colour options

To add an illusion element to my work, I need to have strong pigment in my glaze and even coverage, any imperfection will interfere with the illusion. Because of time constraints, I have to fire my pieces raw, straight up to temperature (1260-1280°), this limits my options on how to colour the collar. Because the clay is raw, I am limited to an underglaze or coloured slip. For our artefact project, I will be able to experiment more with glazes.

Underglaze recipe 1

Ferro frit 3124/3110 or High alk-frit – 33.3%
China clay – 33.3%
Commercial stain – 33.3%

Underglaze recipe 2

Dry porcelain – 100g
Feldspar – 35g
Commercial stain – 10%

Satin Black (Glaze) 1200°C – 1260°C

Neph syenite – 15g
Barium carb – 10g
Talc – 15g
Frenington clay – 60g
Chromium oxide – 1g
Cobalt oxide – 2g
Maganese oxide – 2g


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