Martin Smith

Martin Smith works primarily by press moulding and throwing. His work makes reference to architecture and analyses mathematics and geometry, he has on going research into how a vessel can both contain a space and define a place.


Static Shift No. 1, 2013
White earthenware, underglaze colour
80 x 629mm diameter

This form is very similar to what I have been designing in rhino, all though my design has much sharper edges. This vessel was made with earthen ware and press moulded, looking back at Martin’s work this method is used commonly, but it makes me wonder if it’s because of the structure of this piece he decided to use strong methods of making. My intention is to use porcelain and slip casting as methods of making which are very delicate, it’s making me a bit concerned that the porcelain won’t be able to hold the form.


Elliptical Gap – Pair, 2013
White earthenware, underglaze colour
690 x 429 x 435mm high

I haven’t considered looking at spaces between vessels, but as I am using light it could be and interesting technique to play around with.


rhino designs experimenting with this method


Techtonic Drift – Installation at Garth Clark Gallery, New York, 2002
Red earthenware, Underglaze colour, Platinum leaf
Dimensions variable. Approx. 3000mm

This is an example of his work displayed in Garth Clark gallery in New York, I am interested in the way the lighting has been places, it looks like a soft spot light has been placed on each individual set, this makes the glaze look gradient which emphasises the vessels geometry.

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