Rhino designs


bowl 1-1From my 5 chosen images I decided I wanted to experiment with giving my forms a sense of illusion. These are my first rhino design, here I have added lips and internal tunnels, i will experiment with mainly white and black slip to create the illusion aspect. I am also still interested in bringing a sense of calm into my work, I will need to be careful not to intensify the illusions too much.staight edge 1-1straight edge flat-1These simpler forms work much better, they are visually pleasing to the viewer which will help bring a sense of calm To experiment further I will carry on using straight edges and a dipped top.


bowl i12-1bowl in space-1bowl-1space-1wide bowl in space-1

I have tried visualising the forms in a space and seeing how light would travel through them. My rhino skills aren’t the best, I will focus more on improving my CAD skills, I will try to export my rhino work into another software to get higher quality images.

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