Subject reflection

My two projects for subject were re-considering tradition for St Fagan and Insole court. Looking back these projects were very similar, both required me to reflect on the environment and design specifically for their needs. I have thoroughly enjoyed these project which indicates that my interests are focused on responding to environments, I am critically researching environments, specifically working environments further through my constellation, this will develop my knowledge in preparation for my final year where I will produce more work critically responding to environments.

During re-considering tradition I started to touch on new making skills such as slip casting, through my Insole Court project I have been able to up-skill my slip casting by being critical with the work I was producing, finely tuning problems and creating solutions to produce work set to a professional standard. Looking back through my reflection to the start of term, I was unable to analyse my glaze outcomes as I didn’t understand each of the ingredient compounds and what they specifically provide to a glaze. During our Insole Court project, I have researched into glaze ingredients and have been able to critically analyse and understand my outcomes, I will further develop my knowledge of glaze into my final year.

I have up-skilled in many other areas during subject including visualising designs with Rhino, plaster turning, mold making, slip casting, monitoring kilns, clay qualities and glaze making. All of these skills require a high precision of timing which has encouraged me to be organized, I have also improved my skill in critically understand outcomes and being able to analyse the results.

During the year I have discovered that I work best surrounded by other people in a creative studio environment, I am very interested in seeing how I would work in collaboration with someone else or in a group of people as I haven’t been able to have much experience of this yet in university. When I leave university it’s going to be vital that I know how to work with other people, in a creative industry a lot of work is done collaboratively in a strong community where everyone can help each other with various skills. I realised this while volunteering in the PrintHaus in Canton which is an amazing experience and an opportunity to develop contacts.

I have started to research into professional practice in preparation for when I leave university, it is critical for me to analyse all my options to see which area I would be interested in and also discover new paths. As I am a maker and I thoroughly enjoy making, I have researched into where I could supply materials and equipment form and also think where I would prefer to be based. I have looked into methods of promoting work, looking into technological developments such as social media as options, and being careful to look into protecting my work through copyrighting. I have also discovered a lot of support for new businesses which will become useful to help fund my career when I leave. I have definitely enjoyed university this year and I feel much more prepared going into my final year of university, I am excited to see my outcomes and how my skills will be developed.

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