Photographing work in Insole court

I didn’t have much luck photographing my work, I definitely should have researched and practised before hand, the room it self was very dark. I have managed to get one or two good pictures but it doesn’t give me much choice to use for the exhibition.

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While photographing I decided to use props from the room, I used a couple of old books to emphasise the tea set should be used in the reading room, I tried to get the background of the room in most photos for people to have a feel of the environment.

DSC_0959DSC_097724312935_1665379003519940_2753827398978473490_n (1)

These are the images I will use for my exhibition, they don’t show off the form of the tea set very well or that they stack but people will see these aspects in the exhibition, I want these images to focus on the environment they belong in as they were designed specifically for Insole Court.

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