Field reflection

During sustainable artisan, I had to be very self-motivated and confident in the workshop, I really enjoyed exploring a new material and a new method of making. Going to Aberbargoed made me realise that I need to take greater care in sourcing my materials and take advantage of locally sourced materials. I had very good feedback from a recent exhibition, everyone I talked to were very interested in the design, I took it as an opportunity to improve talking and explaining to people about my work. I learnt that when you can start relating the audience to the piece they take more interest in the work, going into detail about using wood form local woodlands and talking about the importance of having everything sourced sustainably made the audience much more interested.


While I was on work experience, I struggled to settle in for a while and I think mainly this was because of the environment, it was very lonely with only me and the potter and he was always very busy, all though I produced a lot of work I wasn’t working to my best potential. This made me realise that I needed to improve my communication skills and explore new working environments. I made my zine to display the work I made and used the Printhaus facilities to create it.  Another big highlight of working at Glosters was being able to contribute to their batch of work to John Lewis, this was a great privilege and I’m excited to see them in stores soon.


‘Explore’ has been great for my development through to subject, especially my work experience. Understanding how I work best has lead me to re-consider my future plans, I assumed I would thrive in a quite isolating environment as I often enjoy working on my own but I’ve realised through explore that this is definitely not the environment I work best. I need to be in an environment where I can go talk to people to be inspired and be able to discuss ideas. I also realised that I needed to improve my communication skills, this is when I decided to volunteer at the PrintHaus in Canton as a workshop assistant and it’s been amazing. My confidence has really improved as it’s made me be very grateful to be studying a creative subject. It’s also a pleasure to be the only welsh speaker there, my responsibilities as an assistant is to listen to what they hope to achieve that day and lead them on how they can develop their ideas into something they can take home with them at the end of the day.


During my work experience I became very conscious of my working environment, I’m currently researching this further for my dissertation subject. I want people to be more aware of their working environment and how it affects them, my main findings were that mental health is most responsible on how we adapt to our space. Using this research, I’ve been able to use it for my subject by designing cups which are comforting to hold, which will relieve our stress while were at work.


I’ve always been interested in interior and homeware but I’ve never found an area to focus on, during sustainable artisan I focused on furniture but I gained confidence during my work experience with ceramics. For subject I created tea ware for insole court, I’ve really enjoyed this experience as it’s challenged me, there are so many aspects I’ve had to focus on from organization with kilns, to technicality with glazes, timing with slip casting, turning on the plaster lathe, visioning work on Rhino. For level 6 I would like to develop my ceramic skills, keeping the theme of homeware I would like to make my own dinnerware and build a brand for myself.

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