I’ve found it very difficult to decide which process i should use to create the zine and what it should represent. I started by creating a zine which would focus on glaze tests I made in Glosters while on work experience, photographing the glazes didn’t make them any justice and i wasn’t happy with the result. I then thought about documenting my development in improving my communication skills, I approached new people and asked them to draw in the zine, this made people a bit uncomfortable so instead of having face to face interaction I decided to place it in the lift, as expected the drawings were not very appropriate and i didn’t prove anything about my improvement in communicating with people.

After a couple of weeks i’d started working at the Printhaus in Canton and this is where I started to gain my confidence in talking to people about my work and being in an environment where I can offer people help, this allowed me to help them develop their creativity. I’ve started to feel like i’m a part of the community and they’re benefiting from me being there, i’m the only welsh speaker in the workshop so it’s great for people who speak welsh and come in to do the workshops and for learners to practice as well. Because of the volunteering they allowed me to have access to the workshop for the afternoon, this is where I screen printed my zine.

To help people get to know each other in the workshop we played games such as the exquisite corpse to help them relax a bit before printing and help with their creativity. my first Zine design was to create an exquisite corpse themes zine with the designs the people had made. I really liked this design but i didn’t think it directly linked to my field.

The zine I decided to use in the end was one which showed all the work I made in Glosters on the throwing wheel, while researching zines for inspiration I saw that the majority are very illustrative and graphic which are areas I struggle with. I decided to make my zine very simple, I think it’s worked as it’s effective, experimenting with different colour paper I decided the bright pink is very eye catching and would attract people to read it.

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