Kiln results

Photo 22-05-2018, 11 30 23Photo 22-05-2018, 11 32 28Photo 22-05-2018, 11 32 57Photo 22-05-2018, 11 34 03

I’m really happy with how these turned out, the lid fits well and they stack together. During my glaze tests I mentioned that I wanted to Illuminete to appear through the glaze to give a speckled brown effect, I have been very successful with this result. The glaze had been applied quite thick but you can still see how it’s pulled from the edges, I will need to adjust the glaze recipe to fix this problem. Because they have been slip cast they are light and easy to hold and their ability to stack gives them a storage advantage.  Looking back at the finish Insole Court were expecting, it’s dinner safe, minimal and contrast from typical 18th century ceramic, this design fits the criteria well.

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