First kiln

Photo 17-05-2018, 13 18 33

Unfortunately this tea pot cracked in the kiln, I did expect this to happen as I tried to repair the cracks before it was bisque fired by using a mix of vinegar and powdered clay to make slip. I really like how the glaze turned out, I will try to apply it thicker next time to reduce the unevenness in the edges.

Photo 17-05-2018, 15 24 41 (1)

This lid is a very tight fit and the glaze came out a little uneven, to finish this set I will glaze and fire the cup which sits underneath.

Photo 17-05-2018, 15 27 44

I really like how these turned out, again I need to apply the glaze better as it’s a bit uneven, I also would like to experiment with other colours so people can tell that they’re separate from the Insole Court project.

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