How can I promote my work?

Recently I’ve been trying to update my social media regularly in hope more people will get to know my work, while on work experience I asked them how they’ve grown quickly in the last year because they were struggling to keep up with orders while I was there, they said they started updating their social media daily after attending a course to help improve their photography. On Instagram they have daily vlogs where they discuss what they’re working on in the shop that day, during their course they were informed that people love knowing about them and what they like to do in their own time so they’ve become quite personal lately, vlogging inside their home and out of work hours. I am not sure if I am comfortable mixing my leisure time with my work time, I think it’s good to have a divide, it would be something I could consider in the future for a short period to try gain recognition.

I also see that students work are displayed in pop up exhibitions in the arcade sometimes, because our university is a little outside the city centre I don’t think many people have the opportunity to pass by and see our work. Displaying in the arcade is a great opportunity for people in Cardiff to see our work as it’s a busy place and fits in well with the environment in the arcade.          I recently attended a talk where many companies such as G39, Chapter and Creative Cardiff attended informing us about volunteering opportunities, I think this is a great way to make contacts and also have more chance to find locations to display our work. After we graduate I know students can display in young designers, this is definitely a great opportunity for us to get recognition in the industry, I would definitely take up this opportunity.

I would also like to build a website once I have work to sell, I’ve previously used websites such as Etsy to sell work but I often found that customers struggled to use it after seeing my work displayed on social media like fb. Etsy also takes a percentage of your monthly profit and charge to display work, all though to create a good website I would need to pay, it would definitely be worth the price in the long run.

I also have experience selling to shops as I used to sell jewellery and coasters, at the time I don’t think selling to shops was good for the work I was producing. I sold them at quite a low price so I didn’t have much profit rates after I took away the hours it took me to make them and the 40% – 50% shops usually take. I’m glad I have this experience of pitching to a shop as I’m more cautions now of what to look out for in a retailer, I don’t think my work suited that shop as they had similar products there already but it was a great tourist attraction village and they were very supportive of local makers.

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