Time line for the final month

To try get my heard around the kilns I decided to make a time line so I can be organised and make sure I can make as much work as possible until Insole court and possibly more after for our show. This project has definitely made me more organised with work, I don’t feel under pressure as I would be usually towards the end of a project because I’ve finished my main pieces for Insole Court, I’ve always wished at the end of a project I would have more time to experiment but these two weeks have allowed me to this. I’ve refined my context for my cups and been able to work on much bigger pieces which I don’t usually do.

Photo 25-05-2018, 14 13 30

This bowl is quite big, it’s 40cm in diameter. I created a plaster cast of a bowl I found in a charity shop then used the slab roller to prepare clay, it’s been much more successful than I thought it would! I will see if it survives the bisque firing, this might push me to experiment more with larger pieces for final year.

Photo 25-05-2018, 14 19 59.jpg


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