Who could be my suppliers?

While I was on work experience I found that Glosters were supplied by Potclay ltd who are manufacturers from Stoke-on-trent, this is where the university get their clay from as well so I trust this place would be good for a wide variety of clay and glazes, they also sell equipment. During work experience I also found that they get their casting molds made by a manufacturer in Cardiff http://raineceramics.co.uk/commission/ If I could get a slip cast of my full tea pot instead of individual pieces, this would save me a lot of casting and constructing time, it would also be much durable mold as mine tend to crumble.  In terms of equipment, If I was to recreate this year’s work professionally I would need to find a lathe, slip machine and a kiln, this would be very expensive to get all three equipment, many of the equipment Glosters used were second hand form a potter which was retired, I’ve heard of many others getting second hand equipment as well, this could be an option for me to look into.  After field I realised working on my own in a workshop isn’t the best working environment for me, ideally after I leave university I would like to work for another company so I can work with other people, but if I decide to produce and create my own work I would apply for the inc space. The inc space ​​​​is a 12 months’ programme in the university where you receive mentoring from an academic team member to help develop my practice, a mentor to help me develop my business skills and my own studio within the Inc Space at CSAD. I would have access to all of the School’s workshops and facilities and support from the technical team to continue to develop my practical skills. I also enjoy assisting workshops, I am currently trying to get as much experience as possible to make sure I do enjoy leading workshops, this could be a nice social aspect to go along side producing my own work.

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