Market research

Recently I’ve noticed that tea is growing in popularity rapidly, it has become quite fashionable. While looking in John Lewis I noticed they supply a brand of tea ware ‘T2’

‘We are tea done different. all we do, all we are, revolves around our love for re imagining and reinventing the humble tea leaf’

They have a great website full of information about the history behind they company and brilliant photography to help us visualise their stores and products.

 Focusing on the context of this brief i researched to see if they had any stackable teapots, and they did!

The majority of their sets are very decorative, ceramics during the time Insole court was built and used was very decorative as they followed the Islamic methods of decorating. Keeping in mind what Insole court is looking for, more contemporary pieces to bring new audiences in. T2 focus highly on the history of tea an they focus on form by creating a stackable set most likely for the purpose of gift giving, instead my focus is more due to modern problems of storage.

Emma Johnson – Atro city collection

Atro-city is a handcrafted tea set inspired by the recent revival of Brutalism. Past opinions of Brutalist buildings as being ‘inhuman’ and ‘concrete monstrosities’ are beginning to be reconsidered, and the collection explores this popularisation.

Each object incorporates classic Brutalist aesthetics like heavy forms and asymmetrical proportions, along with design philosophies embodied in the architecture including form follows function and truth to materials. Instead of using typical aesthetics associated with concrete, the collection aims to show the shift in opinion surrounding Brutalism, portraying it in a fresh and modern light.

emma johnson.png

I adore this collection by Emma Johnson, it’s made me think of how I can incorporate different materials into this project, I would like to focus on ceramics but being a maker I always want to explore as many materials as possible and find a balance in their relationship. She has used porcelain with food safe transparent glaze for the base and used beach with silver rivets to attach handles and lids. Dinner wear have traditionally been made with porcelain, I’m not sure if I should experiment with porcelain for this project as I’ve never worked with it before but I know some people will only drink from porcelain tea ware. I think it’s enough of a challenge for me already working with clay as a new material, due to time constraints, I will focus first on using earthenware clay for Insole Court then if I have enough time I will experiment with porcelain for our end of year show.

Sophie Conran for Portmeirion


This teapot and teapot set is perfect for a bit of ‘me’ time.

I used to work in Portmeirion as a waitress and we had to use Sophie’s set in the fine dinning restaurant. The design didn’t work well for a very busy restaurant as there would be frequent breakage and it’s difficult to break one part of the set, the design wasn’t very practical to store either as not many people come to the restaurant on their own, in this environment a tea pot for 2-4 people would have been much more practical than everyone having individual sets. This design will work for Insole Court as it’s a much quieter environment and people often go to the reading room on their own.
This little set is so pretty but totally unfit for purpose. The tea pours more from the lid than the spout when tipped. Tried spinning the lid to see if a better position could be found and holding the lid when pouring. Neither helped.
This is negative review of this design by Anthropologie, I need to make sure the functionality is perfect or it could be very dangerous. i think the problem with this design is that the spout is much higher than the lid possibly? I will focus more on form when i will start making.
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