Insole court

For ‘Make your mark’ project I’ve decided to follow Insole court brief, here are point we were given to consider, explore and evidence understanding of,

  • Who are your competitors – which other colleges run courses ‘like’ ours? When are
    their Degree Shows, make arrangements to visit?
  • Visit the kind of venues that might take your work.
  • Who are your suppliers? Materials, equipment and services – begin to find suppliers, subcontractors if necessary etc. Extend your knowledge base in preparation for being a sole trader who may need to outsource aspects of their manufacture.
  • Where are potential businesses and employers located or opportunities?
  • Do you need to apply for a placement, internship, residency – who with and where?
    Begin to make contacts and explore opportunities.
  • How will you promote your work? What possible retailers: galleries, shops, direct,
    web based, pop up, exhibitions etc. are there for?
  • How will you protect your ideas? Look at design registration: Website: A©ID
  • Having thought about the route you may wish to take – do you need to upskill? And if so are these: CAD: skills or the more traditional handmade, or both?
  • Consider and research whether you need to attend another course, an evening
    course or further study – MA perhaps?
  • What format do you require for presenting your work, is it a website and/or a
    physical presentation or a digital portfolio – and begin to prepare this.
  • Think about developing your identity. Design a business card.
  • Identify your heros/heroines and contact or visit makers where possible.
  • Evidence you have independently researched and or contacted a professional.
  • Make sure you reflect in your blogs on the lectures, talks etc that are and have been
    part of this overarching module and your independent research.
  • Find out about Start Up enterprise support and other funding pots/residencies etc.

After reflecting back on my work experience I have a better understanding of which environment I would like to work in. Working on your own in a workshop can be very lonely and I would struggle for motivation and inspiration in this type of environment. I think my perfect set up would be a team of people where we could group and discuss ideas and share our thoughts and then be able to individually explore these ideas. During group talks i’m happy to give advice and suggestions to other students and I enjoy listening and understanding other peoples perspective into ideas.

I’ve always wanted to work for a big company such as Ikea or John Lewis, after recently experiencing what it’s like to supply for them I realised how hard it is to communicate within the company, it takes much longer to discuss and process plans because of the vast amount of people that work there, a project can be set back months because of staff turn over or general lack of communication within the business. I find it very frustrating when simple tasks become time consuming and disrupt others which I think happens a lot in larger companies.

After this refection I’ve decided because I want to make functional items for people to use day to day and i’d preferably like to work in a a team, insole court would be a great opportunity for me to achieve this, majority of this project will be individual work instead of ‘team’ work but i think it will be important for me to talk to the consumers (staff and customers) so I can design and make something that would appeal and be useful for them.

The Potting Shed Café at Insole Court Café is extremely popular and is run by a successful team under Celyn Baker.  The Trust would like to expand the provision of catering in the house, with a distinct and different range of tableware and other useful items and artefacts that reflect the history and character of the house.  What forms, surfaces and patterns might be used to develop a range that could be used in a pop-up cafe and tea service etc. in the house? Be creative but also bear in mind the practicalities of café use; breakage, wash-ability, storage, cost of replacement, weight and handling ease and comfort of use.

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