Last week at Glosters

It’s been snowing heavily at home this week so I only managed to go in to the workshop twice unfortunately, I finished everything I had been working on and spent the days glazing and trimming the potters work, I felt a bit under pressure as I didn’t want to ruin any of his work but I couldn’t be too precious as there’s lots to be done! This is a vital element you need to master when making and running a business, you need to find an equilibrium with your supply and demand.

My first set of pots came out the kiln, I was so excited to see how the glazes turned out and they looked amazing! Here are some examples,

Photo 11-02-2018, 11 25 00Photo 11-02-2018, 11 26 51Photo 11-02-2018, 11 27 32Photo 11-02-2018, 11 28 02Photo 11-02-2018, 11 33 04Photo 11-02-2018, 11 22 58Photo 11-02-2018, 11 25 18Photo 11-02-2018, 11 35 06Photo 11-02-2018, 11 36 30Photo 11-02-2018, 11 38 33

And my favourite pot of all!

Photo 11-02-2018, 11 35 59

I was really happy with these results, it gave me good understanding of which glazes work best with different shapes and how long they should take to soak.

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