Week 3

Day 1

I spent the day glazing pots from their recent course, this was very helpful for me to have a better understanding of glazes, some glazes separate more quickly than others which meant I had to determine various soak time for each glaze, also the pots were different shapes and sizes so I had to vary the way the glaze was applied to suit the pot, I was taught various techniques.

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Day 2

I wanted to improve my slab building skills so I was challenged by the potter to create the biggest fruit bowl I could, because it will be sold in the shop it had to be coherent with their style so I followed their corrugated mug design. Because I have a much better understanding of clay now I found it quite easy to make, I was able to determine when the clay was as it’s perfect consistency so it would hold it’s shape but not crack while building with.

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We were also discussing how the business has grown rapidly recently because of their social media advertising, and how important it is to build a trust with their customers. They said they’d like to get more potters involved so we decided to make an Instagram tag called #OnTheWheelWednesdays where everyone can share what they’ve been making that day. We did have some people join in the tag which was very exciting, hopefully it will catch on more during the following weeks!

These were the entries we had!

Day 3

Today I wanted to practice making repetitively as I see the potter has to make a lot of the same products each day which can get a bit boring.  I did enjoy this process as I was able to pick up my mistakes and improve each time, I think this is the best method for me to improve my throwing, focus on one form instead of differentiating each time.

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I also made a batch of new decorations for the shop, it’s interesting to see how much they transform with a glaze!



Day 4

I realized when I was trimming my pots that I hadn’t left enough clay at the bottom, all of them had a big hole in the base. The good aspect of clay is that you can easily fix mistakes when the clay is still moist enough. I also had a go with their extruder which they don’t use very often in the shop to create a handle for a mug.

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