Week 2

This week i’ve been helping out with wholesale orders for the shop. I was very excited to take part in this order as it’s for John Lewis, i also got to put my own makers mark on the pieces! 

I’ve also been glazing pieces from their throwing workshops over the weekend, I learnt a lot about glazing through this process as the pieces were all different shapes and sizes, i had to adjust my method and devise new ones.

Day 3

This week has been a short one at Glosters as I attended a Welsh workshop event for two days in Theatre Clwyd, I really enjoyed the talks from a range of makers and hearing what their steps were from University to what their doing today.  (Made me panic slightly that I need to start planning my steps!)

My next steps in Glosters now it to become a little more independent , i know my way around the workshop and what they’re looking for so it’s time for me to free range and experiment making new products for them. Because they’ve become so busy recently I think they miss this aspect of a business and don’t have the time. I’m going to focus on a range of mugs and planters as they’re proving very popular in the shop, the potter is quite a perfectionist and likes to make a lot of products him self which is understandable, but for them to grow i think it’s important to start making simpler things so they can start employing other people to make for them as well. With this is mind i the products need to be made quickly and easy so I think it’s best to slab build, here are some experiments. The textures were made from wallpapers and the templates is what they use currenlty for their corrugated mugs.

I think their templates work well for their current design but, for design aesthetics i need to adjust it for my designs.

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