Week 1

Today was a great introduction to ‘Glosters’ which is a small shop that sells contemporary work from local makers, they also produce their own ceramic home wear. It’s run by Myfanwy and Tom, not to forget Arthur the sausage dog! We had a little chat in regards to what i’d like to gain from the experience and how I could incorporate it to my work. I want to experience all aspects of running a business on a professional scale, from updating websites, researching suppliers, creating unique products, and all sorts. I’ve been considering starting a business after finishing University as there’s great support available for us to do so, I need to come to the realisation of running a business and understanding all aspects, as I know it’s going to be tough balancing everything on my own.

They were very eager for me to incorporate my skills to the work they were producing, they mentioned my slip casting skills will help them greatly as they’re in need of creating new moulds.

They were also interested in me researching and making new products for their shop, which is very exciting for me to experience being a maker with responsibility and some pressure as well.

As the shop wasn’t open today I had the opportunity to update their website with new products for Valentines day and create decorations for Valentines day, these were some I started following their current design.

Photo 15-01-2018, 14 51 53

Day 2

This morning I had a quick refresher on the throwing wheel and spent the day practising creating cylinders and bowls. I’ve had little experience throwing in the past so I wasn’t very confident, but it was very helpful having one to one advice from Tom. My confidence grew through the day and I was surprised with the quality of my work, they were probably the best pots I’ve ever thrown! I was given different tasks through the day such as throwing a pot in 5min and throwing with higher quantity of clay, I really enjoyed these variations, I found that I throw better under pressure!

Photo 17-01-2018, 10 08 53

Day 3

There were a lot of orders coming through their online store so today I had to glaze a lot of products, this is quite a repetitive process but I found it quite therapeutic. I learnt a lot of useful techniques I could bring into my work such as how to clean work afterwards and glazing techniques.

Photo 17-01-2018, 21 32 52

I’ve also been thinking of what products i’d like to develop in their shop, as i’m interested in dinner wear. I think i’ll experiment with mugs, I still want to keep in their traditional theme but i want to experiment more with textures as they focus primarily with form.

Photo 17-01-2018, 22 37 21

Day 4 – Today I was able to turn the bowl I’d previously thrown, I need to practice this a lot more as I did more bad than good! Tom the potter has showed me some new techniques which I’m trying to master which is great for me to learn how to throw in various ways, this gives me the freedom to experiment with a variety of techniques before deciding which ones work for me best.

We also discussed what style their products are and how they can be develop, they focus primarily on form but have started to experiment more with texture. My task for these weeks will be experimenting with a variety of texture, i need to keep in mind that it needs to be coherent with their current style.

Photo 20-01-2018, 11 18 43_preview.png

Their corrugated mugs and my experiments.

Day 5 – Towards the end of the week I felt confident in giving my opinion on the pieces we were making, we started the day by making plaster mold for Easter products and decorations for their upcoming workshops ready to be to be slip-casted.

Photo 19-01-2018, 11 09 58_previewPhoto 20-01-2018, 11 41 45

I also had another go on the wheel trimming my previous pots, this was a better attempts but still not perfect, i need to focus more when I’m throwing on centering and throwing evenly so there’s less trimming to do. Towards the end of the day I had a quick practice on throwing again and these were much better attempts I can see my self improving all ready.



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