Fourth experiment

This was my final experiment and the most successful. The final measurements were 120mm x 70mm x 5mm, I still didn’t manage to fully twist the wood so it will not mount the wall nicely but I am really happy with the form. The wood coped better with the form being higher this time as the width was smaller and thickness was thinner.  I also used wood under the clamps so it wouldn’t mark as much but, because the wood is very soft after it’s been steamed it’s inevitable some marks will appear. I sanded the wood before and after it was steamed, but was unable to varnish as I ran out of time. I was planning on using bees wax as a finish so the viewer could smell the wood, I think this would grow their attraction to the self, for the backing I would use button fix to get a flush mounting.

Photo 12-12-2017, 2 25 55 pmPhoto 12-12-2017, 2 26 01 pmPhoto 12-12-2017, 2 26 05 pmPhoto 12-12-2017, 2 26 16 pm

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