Third experiment

After my third experiment I’ve realised the limit of the width of the shelve will have to be 60mm, I tried 90mm but the wood snapped as there wasn’t enough flexibility. I might push to 70mm tomorrow because width really limits what you can store on the shelf. I could have also snapped because I made the form higher so there would be more width between the wall, but these combinations were too much for the wood. I sanded the wood down before steaming as it would be harder to sand after it’s been twisted, after bending there were some marks from the clamps and the edges had frizzled a little but this was expected.

Photo 11-12-2017, 4 03 52 pmPhoto 11-12-2017, 4 04 02 pmPhoto 11-12-2017, 4 04 06 pmPhoto 11-12-2017, 4 04 11 pm


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