Second experiment

For my second experiment I made a former with curved edges, this is where most tension get’s created as the wood bends and twists so it needs as much support as it can get. I also thinned the thickness of the wood down from 100mm to 5mm, I’m not sure if this helped with the flexibility or if it was that the steam had less volume to work with as I left it in the steam box for the same time as my first experiment.

Photo 07-12-2017, 3 47 50 pmPhoto 07-12-2017, 3 58 03 pmPhoto 07-12-2017, 3 58 05 pmPhoto 07-12-2017, 4 03 09 pm

This experiment was a success, i’m really happy with how it turned out. For my next experiment I need to widen space from the shelf to the wall, to do this my former needs to be higher. I’d also like to widen the width of the shelf, I might do a tester piece with 100mm width instead of 60mm.

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