Making a maquette and orthographic designs

I have decided that i’ll steam bend my final shelf as it’ll be a new process for me to learn, steam bending is a very unpredictable process so my maquette and orthographic designs will not be accurate but they’ll help me see which measurements will suit it best.

Photo 23-11-2017, 7 49 21 pm.jpg

When I presented my maquette I had positive feedback on the design but I was unable to answer lot of the questions as the process and material is very unpredictable. The strength and durability of the wood was questioned and also what it would be used for. The shelf will definitely be more of a statement shelf rather than a practical shelf and currently because there’s space between the back of the shelf i’ll want something that benefits from that for example a hanging plant.


My next step is to look for suppliers to buy green ash timber, I’ve decided to go for a 300mm x 1.2m plank with around 10mm thickness.

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