CAD and laminateing

To present our final ideas we need to learn how to create orthographic projection of our work, orthographic is a method of projection in which an object is depicted using parallel lines to project its outline on to a plane. After attending CAD workshop is was quite easy to make but the challenge for me will be recreating all my curves in Rhino.

I then attended a Wood laminating workshop which is a process where multiple sheets of veneer are glued together to produce strong lightweight structures. First task is to create a mould for the veneers, the curvature can’t be very sharp as this would put too much tension on the veneers. Usually around 5 sheets of veneer is used and each layer is covered with PVA glue then placed on our moulds tightly with masking tape then sealed in a vacuum pressed bag, this will tightly hold everything until the glue dries in hours depending on the size of the piece. I won’t be able to produce my designs using this technique as it would be too difficult to create a twisted mould, but if there isn’t any green timber available I will need to adapt my curves and think of using veneer to create my shelf.


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