Leaning 3D modeling techniques

sketchesssAfter our visit to Aberbargoed I was very interested in Dylan’s proposal of teaching us how to steam bend,  so I started looking more into curves and twists in shelving but I couldn’t find many examples so I started looking into other disciplines. I’ve always been fascinated by architecture and how architects can evoke pushing the limit of materials through form. My favourite architect is Zaha Hadid, here are some examples of her work where she’s explored curves.

Zaha Hadid I think this is great inspiration for steam bending as it can become quite an original idea. There aren’t many shelves in the mass market which use this technique, this might be because it requires fresh green timber to be used but I can definitely see it becoming popularised in upcoming trends.

Here are some samples I made using paper, this is the best technique for me to use to explore the limitations of bending wood. My favourite is the last image, this is what i’ll be working on to refine for next week.

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