Introducing Field

Today we went on a trip to Aberbargoed where we were met by Dylan a RDP Timber Operations Manager, a warden from Natural Resources Wales and a local master craftsman. At the start of our day we visited a forestry where we identified tree species and discussed the importance of sustainability, cutting tree’s down is a well known fact of how mass deforestation is affecting global warming but trees are very sustainable as they produce thousands of seeds every year, around 1 acre of woodland can keep you stocked with wood for your fire through a lifetime without having to re-plant anything.

Through the afternoon we were taught traditional wood skills and given the opportunity to practice, I really enjoyed having one to one teaching with the craftsman because I can learn a lot quite quick this way.

Photo 14-11-2017, 11 16 29 amPhoto 14-11-2017, 11 36 39 amPhoto 16-11-2017, 10 00 12 amPhoto 14-11-2017, 11 52 14 am

The brief

The brief invites you to take a creative and innovative approach to wall mounted
storage design. You will be required to design and make an item of wall mounted
storage for a domestic setting. The primary materials for this project are to be
timber*, derived from a sustainable source wherever possible

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